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Het directe pad - Greg Goode

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Het directe pad - een praktijkboek Met 40 experimenten die de werkelijke aard van ervaring onthullen - Greg Goode

Heb je non-duaal onderzoek gedaan en ben je tot het punt gekomen waarop je denkt: ,,Ik begrijp het intellectueel, maar ik voel het niet, het is niet mijn ervaring!’’ Als dit zo is, dan is het Directe Pad waarschijnlijk iets voor jou.

Dit boek is het ‘ontbrekende praktijkboek’ op weg naar zelfrealisatie. Voor het eerst verschijnt het bij het Directe Pad behorende zelfonderzoek in gedrukte vorm. Op een ‘gebruiksvriendelijke’ manier, van begin tot eind en daaraan voorbij. De kern van dit boek bestaat uit veertig verschillende experimenten die de meest voorkomende non-duale struikelblokken helpen oplossen, van concreet naar subtiel. De experimenten betreffen de wereld, het lichaam, de psyche, abstracte objecten en waarnemend gewaarzijn.

Vanuit de eenvoudige waarneming van een fysiek object neemt Greg Goode je helemaal mee tot het wegvallen van de getuige in puur bewustzijn. Wat je hier aan hebt is dat het door eigen ervaring ontwijfelbaar wordt dat jij en alle dingen gewaarzijn, openheid en liefde zijn. Dit boek bevat essentiële, zeer heldere aanwijzingen en enkele verrassingen.

Non-duaal onderzoek is vanuit voornamelijk oosterse tradities een krachtige vorm van zelfonderzoek. Ben je op zoek naar innerlijke rust, de zin van het leven, je ware natuur? Non-duaal (zelf)onderzoek is een snelle en directe route naar vrede en helderheid met betrekking tot deze vragen. Non-duaal onderzoek is gebaseerd op het inzicht dat ervaring allesomvattend is.

Greg Goode staat bekend om zijn unieke combinatie van doordringend inzicht, kennis van zowel oosterse en westerse onderrichten, en een droog gevoel voor humor. Hij publiceerde Standing as Awareness, Nonduality in Western Philosophy en vele artikelen. Greg studeerde psychologie en filosofie. Zijn spirituele zoektocht kwam ten einde door de Directe Pad-invloeden van Francis Lucille en Shri Atmananda.

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ISBN 978.90.8840.1220; paperback 240 pag.




As the author of Living Realization: Your Present Experience...As It Is, I have a huge bookcase of books about nonduality ranging from teachings from the great masters of the past to the newest, modern approaches on the subject...I've read nothing like it in my life. This book is astoundingly comprehensive in its reach, a deep and endless resource on nondual awareness.

Much has been written about awareness, yet often the practical and very subtle points are conspicuously missing from other texts. Although it is written from the perspective of a particular path ("Direct Path Advaita")

Greg Goode's book is so comprehensive that, after reading it, my mind could not even think of something that was missing. It covers the various dualities we believe we experience such as inside/outside, subjectivity/objectivity, life/death, existence/non-existence and enlightened/unenlightened, to name a few. It also covers the world, the body, the mind, the witness, physical objects, senses, emotions, thoughts, states, positionality, location, identity, containment, choice and doership, time, cause and effect, language, and many other things. It's so thorough that it is helpful to any awareness-styled path. It covers every nook and cranny, every trap, and every angle that I've encountered (and many more that I have not encountered) while meeting with people over the years in the course of my own work in nonduality.

While reading it, I kept feeling a strong sense that this book needed to be written, that it arose because of a real need to address very common, but often overlooked, nuances that pop up when people are exploring the nature of this sweet, experiential knowing of non-separation. If you have a question, chances are this book addresses it. Reading this book as a seeker must be like being a kid in a candy store that contains every taste, texture, color, shape and smell imaginable.

The sections on the opaque witness, levels of awareness as a pedagogical tool, space and containment, freedom from truth-effects, dissolution into pure consciousness, and attributing human characteristics to awareness are especially fresh and innovative! Those sections systematically and thoroughly break down many stubborn dogmatic and essentialistic traps that a seeker can get hooked into while investigating the subject of nondual awareness.

The book is not really about Greg Goode, the person. But let me give you some insight, if you've never met him. I've been fortunate to call Greg a friend and "my teacher" for years now. I know firsthand that he has a deep love of this subject. When he talks about falling in love with awareness, it's genuine! Being in contact with him on a daily basis has been an enriching experience, to say the least. When working with Greg, I never felt as though he was treating me like a disciple or somehow below him. He doesn't "guru" people. His approach is non-dogmatic
in every way, from the words he uses to the way in which he meets the questioner where he is and honors the question completely. His humility comes from the way he energetically experiences life with a kind of curiosity and openness to look at experience from many angles without landing on solid, fixed positions no matter what angle is examined.

Greg is continuously refining the subtle points of his approach, accomplishing this refinement by listening to the questions and exploring different angles rather than giving rehearsed speeches and memorized conclusions. The pages of the book reveal this same energetic lightness, humility and love of exploration. The book is the written version of Greg's energy as a teacher. It is helpful, but never preachy, thorough but not superfluous, scholarly but sweet, simple, and experiential in every way.

The Direct Path: A User Guide is a wonderful resource for those who approach the subject from a scholarly standpoint or from an interest in the direct experience of nondual awareness (or both). In nondual circles, one often hears phrases such as "nondual realization is beyond the mind." Although that insight can arise and it may appear accurate from the direct realization of awareness, the mind can be a useful tool in the path. Most people I've met have many, many questions that are philosophical and intellectual in nature. These are important questions that sometimes get overlooked in the teachings, leaving a sort of confusion, doubt, or "hole" in the path itself.

This book leaves no stone unturned, addressing the mind's questions, the heart's longing, and the direct experience itself. It often addresses an intellectual puzzle or problem and then seamlessly invites you into an experiment that shows you directly how experience itself answers the question. In that way, you are not left with yet another mental question. Yet if you find another question, there is likely another experiment waiting for you.

The book accomplishes something very unique. While addressing the many questions the mind throws up, it also takes you beyond these intellectual issues into the pure sweetness of not-knowing and the direct seeing of reality as your very Self.

What is the final conclusion of the book? - that nothing stands apart from awareness. All is awareness! Yet the last sections of the book on freedom from the path, language, and joyful irony take you deeper than that. These are powerful invitations to go beyond even the most compelling insights that arise from nondual realization, leaving one to enjoy life in an openhearted way, and experience each moment with a natural openness that does not endeavor to turn the various insights into truth claims that close the mind to other perspectives.

I envision myself pointing people to this book quite often because of its depth and breadth. Quite literally, it has to be read to be fully appreciated. It's nice knowing that this book is out there for people!

Scott Kiloby
Living Realization



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